Learn how to outsource your employment and income verification process to empower faster decisions and reduce administrative costs and burdens.

Streamline Your Employment and Income Verification Process

Verification Exchange™, a service of Canada Workforce Solutions, automates the employment and income verification process by transmitting secure data between employers (data contributors) and verifiers, or verifying organizations like lenders, property managers, government agencies, and employers.

This process benefits employees by accelerating the decision process, adding security to the transaction, and mitigating risk with real data, direct from the data contributor. Your employees receive the benefit and service at no cost to them.

Key Benefits of Verification Exchange for Employers

Relieve Administrative Costs and Burdens

Verifications are handled in-house, meaning Equifax hosts and manages all data, facilitates verification fulfillment, and manages our own call center to immediately help reduce the number of verification requests you receive.

Help Keep Employees’ Information Secure

Employees can feel a greater sense of confidentiality when conducting their personal business as the process and transfer of secure information helps mitigate exposure to unauthorized access. Unless otherwise requested by the employee, Equifax allows only contracted and credentialed verifiers access to the information.

Instant Data Access Helps Accelerate Decisions

Employment and income data is updated each payroll cycle and is available to organizations requesting verification on an employee’s behalf. Employment records are available instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and call center support is provided for all parties to help ensure a seamless verification process.

Help Reduce Fraud and Applicant Misrepresentation

Verifiers benefit from data consistency, conformity and additional data points to help make improved risk decisions and meet compliance obligations. Our operations are compliant with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which ensures employees have access to their verification request history and a method for recourse if they have a dispute with the verification.

Solutions for Employers

Outsource Verifications 
Partner with Equifax for a secure and seamless verification experience.

Employment Letters on Demand

Enable employees to receive letters of employment with or without income instantly.

Automate the T2200 Process

Automate the T2200 process for quick and accurate completion saving time, money and reducing the likelihood of error.

Tax Slip Management

Give your payroll department much needed relief with an efficient, automated system for tax slip management.
Record of Employment Management (ROE)
Automate ROE reporting based on data provided to Verification Exchange database by the employer.

Why Outsource Your Verifications?

Verification Exchange is uniquely positioned to immediately help reduce the number of verification requests coming to employers and streamline the transfer of information from their organization to the verifier as needed.

It's Private.

All verifier clients are credentialed, and an identifying or permissible purpose and consumer consent must be provided for every verification request. 

It's Secure.

Our database is globally recognized with practices in data management, and security including risk-based authentication, data encryption, and custom access settings.

It's Easier.

Employees can apply for credit, housing, or government assistance when it is convenient for them and on their timeline. They will not have to bring in any employment or income verification paperwork or wait to have the verification completed.

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