Verification Exchange™ offers a secure, discreet, consent-based way to get your information to verifiers for faster decisions.

What is Verification Exchange?

Verification Exchange is an employment and income verification service that helps verifiers, or verifying organizations like lenders, property managers, government agencies, and employers, securely and instantly receive the information they need to make decisions. This helps you skip the wait and receive faster answers regarding housing, jobs, credit, and benefits.

Manage Your Personal Data

Get Verification of Employment and Income

Get verified with your Authorization Code, Letter of Employment, or Travel Letter after a brief registration process.

Call to Receive Your CER

Call our Client Service Center at 1-866-736-7162 to request a copy of your CER, which is a copy of the information that may be provided to verifiers requesting your information from Verification Exchange. We also give you a list of each time a verifier has attempted to access your data using Verification Exchange.

Dispute Information on Your Consumer Employment Report

If you find any information on your Consumer Employment Report (CER) is inaccurate or incomplete, simply file a dispute and we'll work with your employer to correct it.

Why Verification Exchange?

Less Hassle for Employers

Agencies and organizations requesting verifications no longer need to contact employers directly, leading to fewer manual verification requests to manage, and lower associated administrative costs and burdens.

Faster Information for Verifiers

Verifiers are able to make quicker, more informed decisions while reducing fraud and increasing compliance. Instant access to information means loans can be approved in less time, government benefits can be issued sooner, and job offers can be sent faster.

Convenience and Peace of Mind for You

Your data is kept secure and exposure to unauthorized access is mitigated. With seamless information transfer between employers and verifiers, important decisions can be expedited without additional action needed from you.

Trusted Data Management and Security


Your personal information is protected through a secure information transfer and can be retrieved only by contracted, credentialed verifiers, or verifiers you provide your authorization code to.


Verifications are handled in-house, meaning Equifax manages all data, the verification fulfillment, and our own call center. Stringent security controls keep your data safe.

Our operations are compliant with PIPEDA, which ensures employees have access to their verification request history and a method for recourse if they have a dispute with the verification.

Employment and income verifications are available instantly at any time so you can apply for credit, housing, government assistance, and other benefits when it is most convenient and skip the wait for the verification to be completed.

Need to Dispute Your Data?

Follow these simple steps to begin the data dispute.


Check Your Consumer Employment Report (CER)
Checking your CER on an annual basis can help you spot information that may be inaccurate or incomplete.


File a Dispute For Free
If you see information in your CER that is inaccurate or incomplete, simply file a dispute and we will look into it right away.


We Will Investigate
Verification Exchange will contact the employer and investigate. Access to your information will be blocked during the investigation. 


We Take Care of Updates
Within 30 days of your dispute request, we will notify you of the results of our data dispute investigation. If we find any information that needs to be updated on your CER, we will take care of it.

Ways To Dispute Your Data

There are 3 ways to dispute your Consumer Employment Report. 


Complete our electronic data dispute form to eliminate the wait and expedite the dispute process. 


Print and mail the employee data dispute form, or write to us about your dispute. Please mail your form or information to: 

Equifax Canada
PO Box 190
Station Jean Talon
Montreal QC H1S 2Z2


To dispute your report via phone, please call our Client Service Center at: 1-866-736-7162. We will be happy to assist you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When an employer decides to use Verification Exchange, a secure account is created for each employee. All of the features that your employer (or former employer) has decided to offer are already set up.

Yes. Our website uses secure encryption technology, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), to help protect your personal information. We adhere to stringent data security standards combined with physical security controls to protect the data and assets in our data center(s).

No. You have to give someone authorization to get your income information from the service. There are numerous ways in which you can give someone authorization to access your income information. The verifier must have your consent. A typical way is by signing an authorization form when applying for a loan. Or, you may validate your identity and obtain a one-time authorization code to share directly with the verifier to access your employment data.

Verification Exchange provides different "types" of verifications for different purposes. For example, if you are looking for a job, your future employer might want to check your past employment while a mortgage lender will typically need to verify your income before giving you a loan. If you apply for social services from a governmental agency, they too will need an enhanced verification. Verification Exchange can meet each of these needs.

Through this website, you must first verify your identity with Equifax. Once completed, you may obtain a one-time authorization code for a verifier to use to obtain the verification. You may then willingly share the unique one-time code directly with the verifier in order to complete the verification.

Connect Your Employer

If your employer is not currently utilizing Verification Exchange, let us know. We’ll reach out to see if they’re interested in our services.